Phase Two Addiction Recovery Center offers a unique, intimate addiction treatment program at our centrally located Los Angeles facility. Our location easily services those living in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and for those outside of Los Angeles, we can easily assist you with travel planning and transportation from the airport to our facility. Learn more about how our innovative treatment program, which utilizes modern, traditional and holistic therapies, can help you overcome addiction once and for all.
Addiction Is A Disease Of The Mind And Body
Addiction, a problem that comes in many forms is a major issue in today’s world. Millions of people suffer from some form of addiction whether its alcohol, drugs, or sex.

Its literal definition is: ‘the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity’. It is regarded as a disease that is complex in nature but, with the correct approach, it is treatable.

Any form of substance abuse can alter the brain’s function and behavior, resulting in the person damaging their health both mentally and physically. Not only does this harm the person suffering from addiction, it can destroy the lives of everyone around them, especially their spouse and children.

There is an old saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’, which is why you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of addiction treatment so you can help yourself or your loved one before it’s too late.
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There are many substances in this world that humans can become addicted to. Throughout modern history, including the recent opioid epidemic and increasing rates of alcoholism in younger adults, these substances are what we see most people in the United States abusing. Click on a drug to learn more about the startling effects of short-term and long-term use, and how Emerge Recovery Center can help you finally break free from your addiction.
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What To Look For When Someone Is Addicted To Drugs.
What To Look For When Someone Is Addicted To Drugs.
To make it easier for you to understand the difference between signs and symptoms:

-A sign is something that someone else notices about the person who is going through addiction
-A symptom is something that a person will sense about themselves and describe it to you or the doctor.

Just like there are signs of an incoming storm, addiction too has symptoms and signs that you need to look out for. To simply put it, when someone gets addicted to something, they are not able to control the use of that particular substance; they lose the control of maintaining moderation.

A person can be classified as addicted if they show the following signs and symptoms:
-Inability to quit a substance such as nicotine, alcohol or a drug
-Withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings, poor focus, bad temper and frustration
-Refusing to go to gatherings where the particular substance is not available or prohibited, like no smoking areas
-Inability to function normally when the substance has not been consumed
-Losing interest in group/family activities
-Always thinking of ways of getting more of the substance
-Denying the signs of addiction when they are presented to them

If you notice any of these indications in yourself or in your loved one, it’s time for the warning bells to start ringing!
How Can Treatment Help A Person Who Is Addicted To Drugs & Alcohol
First and foremost, the addict needs to accept the fact that they are addicted. Once that has been realized, it is time to choose treatment options depending on the level of addiction and the particular substance type.

Most of the time the treatment starts with getting the patient sober and making sure that there are no relapses. A combination of inpatient and outpatient programs can do wonders given the time and effort. Support from family and friends is crucial at this time, as the patient will need all the moral assistance to fight through their inner demons.
Did You Know That Most Insurance Plans Cover The Almost The Entire Cost Of Treatment?
As mentioned earlier, addiction can lead to people ruining all aspects of their lives. Not only do they damage their mental and physical health, they also end up ruining themselves financially. The cost of going through rehabilitation is often times a reason why a lot of addicts refuse treatment.

Depending on the level of care required by the individual, the cost of rehab in Los Angeles varies. Programs that offer residential care are considered the best but they are also the most expensive, whereas outpatient rehabs are cheaper but require more time and effort. But this is not something that should get you worried as there is nothing more important than getting healthy.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all health insurers are required to cover mental health and substance abuse treatment. This means that most insurance plans with out of network benefits will cover the cost of treatment at a drug rehab like ours in Los Angeles County.

Whether you have health insurance or not, you can cover the cost of rehab in the following ways:
The Affordable Health Care Act can help someone who is already suffering an addiction Medicare or Medicaid, if you meet eligibility criteria Your friends and family can come together and raise money through Crowd funding or Fundraising Private Financing/Funding Local Government & State Funded Addiction Treatment Programs Non-Profit Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles.
These Are The Questions We Hear The Most From Clients & Loved Ones
Travelling to a new location can be an effective way of boosting your recovery. It can be a way for you to start your life a new when moving to a new city or state. If you have a rehab facility in mind which is located somewhere else, it may put in the right mindset on your journey towards recovery. For example, choosing one in Los Angeles is a great way to get yourself some sunshine and view the beautiful beaches.
Typically, inpatient treatment can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on each person’s unique circumstances and situation. The longer a client can stay inpatient, the better the odds of lasting recovery following rehab. When a person finishes inpatient rehab, typically an outpatient program is suggested as a means to reinforce your recovery once you re-enter society.
If your loved one is addicted and they refuse help or deny the problem, there are a few options for families to consider. Interventions are typically one of the most effective ways to get someone the help they need for drug abuse. If an intervention doesn’t prove successful, there are certain states, like Los Angeles, that have laws such as the Marchman Act and Baker Act which allow family members to force their loved ones into treatment by using the courts and law enforcement. While forced treatment can work, typically it is best for a person to enter rehab willingly in order to get the best results possible.
When you or a loved one is getting ready to come to our drug rehab in Los Angeles, you should bring enough clothing for 30 days, books related to personal growth and recovery, toiletries without alcohol, and an open mind. For more information, contact a treatment advisor today on what to bring to Phase Two Addiction Recovery Center.